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Beam Drive

The Beam Drive commemorates you being early — you are among the first generation of those who are bound to disrupt the gaming industry.

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Sphere is not just any marketplace

Sphere is the marketplace for games

The backbone of game developers to launch an in-game marketplace.

Dragon Crypto HeroDokyoMonkeezMadSkullzRaini: The Lords of Light - EvolvedLeague of Kingdoms DragoSunflower Land BudsCross The Ages - Arkhante Premium PackCrypto Unicorns: Shadowcorns MarketCrypto Unicorns Land MarketCrypto Unicorns Market

Simple fee structure

All trades on Sphere instill a 2.5% fee. This fee will be the base for further development.

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Rarity score out of the box

Sphere calculates rarity scores out the box and gives context to NFTs without needing rarity tools.

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A strong community

Sphere is more than a marketplace. It's a tool for game developers to empower their games. Join our communities of developers and talk about the possibilities.

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A dedicated marketplace to buy, sell and discover unique gaming NFTs

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