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Sphere aims to operate as transparently and efficiently as possible. This is ensured through optimized gas contracts, minimal royalties and clear communication about fees.

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The following fees are associated with exchanging assets on Sphere;

Fees when buying an NFT

When you buy an NFT on Sphere you pay the following fees

  • Gas fees: This is the cost of making a transaction on the blockchain of your choice depending on the blockchain the assets are bound to.

Fees when selling an NFT

  • Trading fee: This is a standard 2% of the paid amount charged in the currency used to make the sale. Additionally, on Immutable, a 2% protocol fee is applied to each sale.

  • Royalties: This is a variable percentage that is set by the creator.

  • Gas fees: When selling an NFT, you need to approve the smart contracts to interact with your assets, the actual transaction is covered by the buyer of the NFT.

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