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About Sphere

Sphere is a marketplace for gaming assets.

A marketplace for gamers#Copy URL to this article section

Sphere is a marketplace for gaming assets. Anyone can trade the in-game assets of their favorite game ranging from weapons, characters, cosmetics to accounts and certificates of ownership. Through a seamless user-experience focused on drawing the attention to the assets itself, users can acquire their favorite asset in the blink of an eye.

Sphere aims to service all gamers, collectors and creators interested in exchanging game assets. Each requiring their own approach, Sphere will allow maximum customization of collections, in-depth analytics for collectors and thorough gameplay information for the gamer.

Empowered by the Merit Circle DAO and the Beam network#Copy URL to this article section

Sphere is on a mission to accelerate the gaming industry, including the Beam network created by the Merit Circle DAO. This decentralized autonomous organization is on a mission to revolutionize the gaming industry, and empower the next generation of games. With a strong network of games and infrastructural partners, Sphere is incorporating all the knowledge and experience from the gaming industry into a robust product for gamers and game developers.

Therefore, Sphere is more than a frontend that allows gamers to directly purchase their favorite assets. Sphere empowers game developers to create an in-game marketplace that uses the Sphere smart contracts without the player ever realizing.

Learn more about Beam and the Merit Circle DAO.

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A dedicated marketplace to buy, sell and discover unique gaming NFTs.

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